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YouTube—How I Broadcast Myself

15 Feb

For me YouTube has always been a way to view music videos of favorite songs (because let’s face it, MTV hardly shows them anymore) and watch reviews and commercials of upcoming movies and games. It’s my ticket to as-I-want-it media when television just can’t keep up.

As I may have mentioned in earlier posts, I really love to crochet. Because I’m self-taught, I often seek out tutorials on the web. YouTube is a great way to find such tutorials (and tutorials for almost anything else). Because of other crafters out there I have learned many different new techniques.

However, YouTube isn’t really just a way to view videos; millions of people use it to get their talents out there. There have been multitudes of people discovered through YouTube (including some popular musical artists). Even I have dabbled in uploading videos to YouTube, although none are comparable to videos out there with thousands of views. Most recently, I uploaded a video I created for my Foundations of English for New Media class.

If anyone is interested, here is a list of some of my favorite channels on YouTube.

Crochet Geek (for my crafting needs)

Billboard Goddess (for my trending music needs)

CDZA (they kind of do parody music videos with classical instruments)

Ray William Johnson’s =3 channel (funny videos)


My Own Personal Tweeting World

13 Feb

Even though Twitter has become very popular over the years, I’m just not that big a fan. I do have a twitter account (@kika0313), but the only tweets I actually have are auto posted from my blogs sties and Goodreads. Other than that I use Twitter to hear news from favorite blogs, bands, celebrities, and businesses.

Also, I don’t get the whole hashtag (#) thing.

My Twitter Page

My Twitter Page

My Fellow Bloggers

8 Feb

As I may have mentioned in an earlier blog post, this blog was created for my Foundations of English for New Media class. Other members of my class (okay, all of my class members) were required to create their own blogs and the following are a few that I really enjoyed looking at.

The first blog is called Fly in the Social Web, created by DaLadybugMan. I really enjoy the theme of this website, which is related to the title. A good example of this classmates used of theme is represented in his first post. DaLadybugMan states, “…I’ve got all sorts of fellow flies and other insects to keep me company and interact with.”

The second blog is called A Study in New Media, created by Ashley. I like the simple background and easy to read links and titles for this blog. Because there aren’t a lot of photos in the background I stay focused on Ashley’s posts. On this blog I viewed a stop motion presentation Ashley put together for our class. I really enjoyed how she conveyed the shift between written words and words on the computer.

The third blog is called The Artist’s Reward, created by Brianna Prill. The video she created for our class discussion incorporated blogging and sharing (so the social media aspect of English for Media) which I really enjoyed. I also like the layout of her blog and the starburst colors in the background.


A Video of Words

4 Feb

For my Foundations of English for New Media class we were instructed to make a video using the words “English for New Media”. Here is my creation. 


Blogs at the New York Times

1 Feb

Blogs at the New York Times

I know I’m not the only one out there that enjoys reading up on whats going on in Hollywood. The blog I linked to, Media Decoder, speaks on whats going on in the world of TV shows. After scanning through a couple of headlines I came across a post on the popular TV show “How I Met Your Mother”. I wont spoil anything the post says, but lest just say (hopefully) we’ll finally learn who the Mother really is!

My Personal Blogging Universe

1 Feb

Blogging has always been more of a casual thing for me. It is a known fact that getting people to view, comment, like and share posts is a somewhat big point in the blogging world. However, my two favorite parts of having a blog include having a place to store all the links for other blogs I follow and being able to organize my thoughts without making tons of Microsoft Word saves.

Right now I run two blogs, but on this blog (recently created) I only really have four previous posts. In almost all of those posts I’m talking about social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.). On those posts I even include links to my own personal social media sites.

Earlier I mentioned using my blog to store links to other blogs I follow. On this blog site I have links to every class member’s blog in my Foundations of English and New Media class. That way I never have to go looking for a specific blog address through my bookmarks page. I also have my Goodreads shelf linked to this blog so viewers can see how little time I have to read.

Right now I haven’t had any comments on my blog posts (except spam in my inbox) but there have been people viewing my blog. In its short life span I’ve have 21 views (Blackjack!). Hopefully over time my views will grow to the 2,000 + views my other blog has.