My Personal Blogging Universe

1 Feb

Blogging has always been more of a casual thing for me. It is a known fact that getting people to view, comment, like and share posts is a somewhat big point in the blogging world. However, my two favorite parts of having a blog include having a place to store all the links for other blogs I follow and being able to organize my thoughts without making tons of Microsoft Word saves.

Right now I run two blogs, but on this blog (recently created) I only really have four previous posts. In almost all of those posts I’m talking about social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.). On those posts I even include links to my own personal social media sites.

Earlier I mentioned using my blog to store links to other blogs I follow. On this blog site I have links to every class member’s blog in my Foundations of English and New Media class. That way I never have to go looking for a specific blog address through my bookmarks page. I also have my Goodreads shelf linked to this blog so viewers can see how little time I have to read.

Right now I haven’t had any comments on my blog posts (except spam in my inbox) but there have been people viewing my blog. In its short life span I’ve have 21 views (Blackjack!). Hopefully over time my views will grow to the 2,000 + views my other blog has.


How I Use Facebook

25 Jan

While I will never admit to being addicted to the social media side Facebook, I will admit it is the first thing on my bookmark bar in Google Chrome. Facebook is a site most people check daily, where to connect with friends and family socially or to play a large variety of games. Personally, I use Facebook for interactions with friends, acquaintances, and a small variation of Facebook Groups.

Facebook Friends List:

My Facebook friends can be categorized in four different groups, met during college, out of state friends, friends of my parents, and relatives. Total I have 216 friends all of which I knew before I friended them on Facebook. Every time I see that I have over 200 friends my first thought is always “I can’t know that many people”. Honestly, I probably only talk to twenty people on my friends list at any given time each week (and most of them are relatives).

Connecting With People from the Past:

Sometimes connecting with people from the past through Facebook is a good thing, especially with relatives. In the last couple of years I was able to get in touch with my half-sister and half-brother through Facebook. None of us had talked in years but now we have the chance. I’ll have to admit that sometimes being friends with “that person you went to high school with that you never really talked to” is a bad idea. Because I have old high school friends on Facebook I have people’s statuses clogging up my news feed with pictures of people I don’t know.

Are the Friends All Real?

To my knowledge, each of my Facebook friends is real. Although I don’t have any pretend “friends” on Facebook, I have had friends create additional Facebook profiles under fake name in order to have people to gift things to from their Facebook games. Not only do people make face profiles for game goodies, I’ve also heard of people making Facebook pages for fictional characters.

The Status Feed:

Most of the people I’m friends with on Facebook plays those Zinga games, so a lot of the posts are game related. Once I went through and blocked all that clutter, I was able to see mostly status updates. While I don’t really learn anything for statuses, sometimes my friends post web articles or talk about stores that are currently having sales. Because I’m a fan of places like Discovery Chanel and National Geographic, sometimes links to their articles appear on my news feed.

Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups are a great idea, in my opinion. A couple of my classes over the years have used Facebook as a means for the class to have discussion or share class related media when class isn’t in session. And, because I check Facebook way more often than email or the classroom web page, it’s easier to keep up with what’s going on with my classes. My university also has a “Textbook Trade” group, which makes it easier for students to get used books for a lot cheaper than the bookstore offers.

I’ll never be overly addicted to Facebook, but every once in a while when I learn of a great sale or event I’m thankful I still check it once in a while.

New Media Tools: Mild Procrastination Included

18 Jan

As a student attending a university with accessible Internet almost anywhere, I have an understanding with each new media tool at my disposal. That tool, whether it be computer or tablet can cause severe procrastination. However,  they are also a part of my understanding in new media. Some tools I find myself using on a daily basis, while others are severely neglected.

Embracing Modern Media Outputs:

Laptop—oh man, I use this buddy for everything digital. It’s my source to video entertainment through Netflix and my own media production such as blogs. I’m also a huge fan of Photoshop, video makers, and social media posts on various sites.

All systems in the PlayStation category—I’m a PlayStation fan girl through and through. I own every current system, finishing off the list last week when I bought my very own PS Vita. I use all of these systems mainly for game play but the handhelds work great for social media on the go. I’ve also had to play a game for a class and have spent some time studying the inner working behind the myth in gaming universes.

Smart Phone—my phone is not my friend. While is fits the category of “smart phone” it’s really slow and gets a bit temperamental on bad days. However, this works great for publishing to blogs on the go, viewing social media, and checking e-mails. I can also download word, excel, and other Microsoft program files onto my phone, which makes checking over papers or schedules e-mailed to me pretty simple. That’s pretty much all I use it for.

Digital Camera—I really love to take pictures, although most aren’t very good. I have to admit sharing picture to friends and family is a main reason as to why I own a camera. I like taking pictures that are good enough quality to print and send. However, I’ll have to admit that most of the photos I’ve taken of late are either of my cats or my crafts.

People only get cats so they can post pictures of them on the Internet

Zune—my granddaddy Zune is going on seven years old but still works like a pro. I love it, and will probably always support this brand over Apple anything. I can’t post on social media with this brick, but I can listen to radio stations, watch videos, and (of course) listen to music! Music really gets me in the mood to write or do other homework activities so I always have it on hand.

With most of my electronic tools I can access multiple different websites that cater to my media needs. Some of my favorites are Facebook, YouTube, Goodreads, Twitter, and the occasional encounter with StumbleUpon. Most of these social media sites I’ve mentioned in an earlier post (link). Another site that I’ve looked into is Pinterest. I haven’t gotten around to setting up a site yet, but after looking at it for a couple of hours the other day I’ve decided several things about it appeal to me. Once major thing is that I love crafting and multiple tutorials can be accessed through a simple phrase search.

Collecting Dust:

Xbox 360—used it about four times to play actual games and used it more often for its HBO GO feature. I’m not a fan of the Xbox, its controller, home screen, or most of the Xbox exclusive games available. However, this is a good system to play with friends. You can have four people on one game (depending on the game of course) so it works for group settings. I’ll have to admit the only game I play with a group on this system is Halo. It also comes with the “social media” function and can access Facebook as well as other similar sites.

My CD collection—I’ll be completely honest when I say I probably own two CDs. A long time ago, in a time before mp3 players and IPods I had a vast collection of hard copy music. Today my collection is stored in a box somewhere at a grandparent’s house waiting for me to return for it with open arms. While I still enjoy having a CD in the car for long drives, they’re pretty much useless to me beyond that point.

DVD player—while the DVD player I got for Christmas two years ago still sits plugged in next to my bedroom TV I don’t really have any use for it. Earlier I mentioned having a PS3, and I use it all the time to watch movies. When I’m not watching a Blu-ray, however, I’m usually on Netflix. The DVD player usually only gets used when I want to watch a movie before bed.

Out for the Count:

VCR—I haven’t owned a VCR since the early 2000s after my mom decided to rebuy almost all our Disney movies on DVD. Honestly, I could say something about how old movies are amazing and watching them on the VCR gives it a classic feel, but I’d be lying to myself. I hated watching movies on VCRs before DVDs got popular. Rewinding a movie never appealed to me at all as a kid. The wait was torture. I’m glad to leave the VCR on the bench for my media viewing experiences.

Record Player—My first experience of listening to music wasn’t through the car stereo or a mix tape my mother had lying around like (hopefully) most kids in the 90s. Instead, I would listen to old Elvis records with my grandmother during the weekend or holiday music during Christmas time. I loved listening to records as a child, and I’d like to own a record player sometime during my adult life, but music on the go in the form of an IPod is much simpler.

My Track Record with New Media

16 Jan

My selected major screams “social media” from the depths of its lungs but behind it is me, sometimes illiterate media user. My Facebook account tells me that I signed in for the first time in 2007 however, there was neither a computer nor Internet in my mother’s house and Facebook was a foreign object I checked on vacations while at my aunt’s house. Even after receiving my first laptop I still only knew about searching Google and watching music videos on Yahoo.

Sending some light into the dark age of technology in my childhood home was a PlayStation 2. I probably had four games for my PlayStation, and they were crappy games, but it gave me something to do other than read books and watch movies.

My mother decided when I was still of middle school age that cable wasn’t really that necessary because neither of us watched it. However, when my senior year of high school approached we got cable and Internet. Suddenly I could access multiple social media sites anytime I was home. It was in early 2009 that I suddenly became active in Facebook and began to learn more about the vastness of the web.

Once I began college I became aware of how much I was sheltered from the Internet and even cable shows. It was then I discovered YouTube, Twitter, and the ability to learn thousands of different craft ideas through search engines. I’ve even managed to retire my old PS2 and upgrade to a PlayStation 3. Recently, I even added a Vita to my gaming stockade. I didn’t even upgrade to a smart phone until last winter.

Even today, I rarely stay on Facebook for more than five minutes at a time. I use it to communicate with long distant relatives and friends and for classes. In my four years at DSU I’ve probably had three classes that used a Facebook page to communicate during out of class time. For anyone who wants to try and use Facebook in the classroom, I would suggest it. For the classes I’ve had, it was really helpful.

I recently got a twitter account during fall semester 2012 after stating a blog. I’ve never been really fond of Twitter, but if I want to know something about a celebrity or business I’m a fan of it’s simpler than Facebook especially since a lot of business post sales on Twitter.

I’ve made exactly three videos for my YouTube channel, with the aid of friends, and they not very good. Mostly, they are comedy skits that involve food my group of friends cooked over the Easter holiday my freshmen year of college.

Another site that I have been frequenting lately is Goodreads. It’s a site where you list books you’ve read, want to read, or are currently reading. You can also enter to win books, write reviews, and download e-books.

Although I now have every type of media at my call, I still enjoy shutting it all down and picking up a book. I tell my friends, who were raised around media, that I spent too long away from digital devices to rely on them all the time.

Check my digital footprint:





English for New Media

16 Jan

This is a text post so I can see how it will look on multiple templates of my choosing. Hopefully I will remember to delete it after I find a preferred template. Much love, and check out my other WordPress site