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English for New Media Promotional Video

1 May

For the final project of my Foundation of New Media class my group and I created a promotional video to define the English for New Media major. This video was an attempt to help future students, parents, and future employers better understand this new major at Dakota State University. Vanessa, Bry, and I worked over the span of about three weeks to interview, film, and produce this video.

We decided that the best possible way to promote a media degree was with media, and our use of media went beyond that. Because we were not able to meet with one another often, due to hectic work and school schedules, we relied heavily on programs such as Dropbox and Facebook. During the time we worked on the project Vanessa filmed fellow peers of the degree as well as the English faculty. Bry and I worked mostly off camera, recording social media sites with Camtasia Studio. We edited the video clips with Windows Movie Maker 2.6, and with constant freezing we were required to save constantly. However, the final result was a rewarding 3:45 minute video.



YouTube—How I Broadcast Myself

15 Feb

For me YouTube has always been a way to view music videos of favorite songs (because let’s face it, MTV hardly shows them anymore) and watch reviews and commercials of upcoming movies and games. It’s my ticket to as-I-want-it media when television just can’t keep up.

As I may have mentioned in earlier posts, I really love to crochet. Because I’m self-taught, I often seek out tutorials on the web. YouTube is a great way to find such tutorials (and tutorials for almost anything else). Because of other crafters out there I have learned many different new techniques.

However, YouTube isn’t really just a way to view videos; millions of people use it to get their talents out there. There have been multitudes of people discovered through YouTube (including some popular musical artists). Even I have dabbled in uploading videos to YouTube, although none are comparable to videos out there with thousands of views. Most recently, I uploaded a video I created for my Foundations of English for New Media class.

If anyone is interested, here is a list of some of my favorite channels on YouTube.

Crochet Geek (for my crafting needs)

Billboard Goddess (for my trending music needs)

CDZA (they kind of do parody music videos with classical instruments)

Ray William Johnson’s =3 channel (funny videos)


A Video of Words

4 Feb

For my Foundations of English for New Media class we were instructed to make a video using the words “English for New Media”. Here is my creation. 

My Track Record with New Media

16 Jan

My selected major screams “social media” from the depths of its lungs but behind it is me, sometimes illiterate media user. My Facebook account tells me that I signed in for the first time in 2007 however, there was neither a computer nor Internet in my mother’s house and Facebook was a foreign object I checked on vacations while at my aunt’s house. Even after receiving my first laptop I still only knew about searching Google and watching music videos on Yahoo.

Sending some light into the dark age of technology in my childhood home was a PlayStation 2. I probably had four games for my PlayStation, and they were crappy games, but it gave me something to do other than read books and watch movies.

My mother decided when I was still of middle school age that cable wasn’t really that necessary because neither of us watched it. However, when my senior year of high school approached we got cable and Internet. Suddenly I could access multiple social media sites anytime I was home. It was in early 2009 that I suddenly became active in Facebook and began to learn more about the vastness of the web.

Once I began college I became aware of how much I was sheltered from the Internet and even cable shows. It was then I discovered YouTube, Twitter, and the ability to learn thousands of different craft ideas through search engines. I’ve even managed to retire my old PS2 and upgrade to a PlayStation 3. Recently, I even added a Vita to my gaming stockade. I didn’t even upgrade to a smart phone until last winter.

Even today, I rarely stay on Facebook for more than five minutes at a time. I use it to communicate with long distant relatives and friends and for classes. In my four years at DSU I’ve probably had three classes that used a Facebook page to communicate during out of class time. For anyone who wants to try and use Facebook in the classroom, I would suggest it. For the classes I’ve had, it was really helpful.

I recently got a twitter account during fall semester 2012 after stating a blog. I’ve never been really fond of Twitter, but if I want to know something about a celebrity or business I’m a fan of it’s simpler than Facebook especially since a lot of business post sales on Twitter.

I’ve made exactly three videos for my YouTube channel, with the aid of friends, and they not very good. Mostly, they are comedy skits that involve food my group of friends cooked over the Easter holiday my freshmen year of college.

Another site that I have been frequenting lately is Goodreads. It’s a site where you list books you’ve read, want to read, or are currently reading. You can also enter to win books, write reviews, and download e-books.

Although I now have every type of media at my call, I still enjoy shutting it all down and picking up a book. I tell my friends, who were raised around media, that I spent too long away from digital devices to rely on them all the time.

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